Dog owner's plea after rescue animal's incredible transformation

A dog owner who rescued a stray husky close to death has urged others to take a leaf out of his book and give other dogs in similar situations a chance to live.

Rico Yudha Soegiarto, 26, rescued Hope after she was left to die on the streets after being hit by a vehicle. She has since undergone an amazing transformation thanks to Mr Soegiarto.

“I want to tell people around the world that anything is possible,” he said.

Hope was frail and close to death when Mr Soegiaro found her. Source: Caters

“If I can save a dog’s life, others can too. And trust me if you adopt a dog, that dog will love you more than anyone else.”

Hope was almost skeletal, with painfully flaky skin and two major open wounds on her legs when she was found walking the streets of Bali, Indonesia.

But thankfully Mr Soegiarto spotted her last June and rescued her straight away.

The female husky was in such a bad situation that the dog lover, who already owned a male husky, didn’t realise her breed until he brought her home and washed her up.

Hope is now unrecognisable from her days on the street. Source: Rico Soegiaro

Hope weighed just four kilograms and was so malnourished she ate two kilograms of dog food and drank one litre of water at Mr Soegiaro’s home before taking her to the vet.

Her road to recovery was tough and demanding but Mr Soegiarto, who works at a resort in Bali, refused to give up.

A year after taking a motley of medicines and traditional herbs, showered with lots of love, affection and encouragement, Hope now stands the happiest and craziest among Rico’s five dogs.

“She only weighed nine pounds when I first saw her but today she weighs a healthy 46 pounds,” he revealed.

Mr Soegiaro now wants others to take his lead and help dogs in need. Source: Caters

Throughout her recovery, Rico gave her traditional herbs along with prescribed medicines so to heal her wounds quickly.

He changed her bandages every day, bathed her and fed her healthy food. The transformation in Hope’s health was slow but visible.

“It was going to be tough for her to regain weight and strength but I didn’t lose hope,” he said.

“I gave my best and today she is a healthy and happy dog.

“My family also supported me throughout the tough time.”

Hope has now blossomed into a beautiful dog with shiny, soft fur and glassy eyes. Her powerful story and loving nature has made her centre of attention in the neighbourhood.

She lives in a comfortable house, spends her days playing with her dog friends but her favourite game is jumping into the water with Mr Soegiarto in a nearby beach.

“All she does is eat and play,’ he admitted.