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Dog locked in car for 9 HOURS at Sydney Westfield

A man who spotted a dog locked inside a car at a Sydney shopping centre on Tuesday morning was shocked to discover that it was still trapped almost 10 hours later.

The man arrived at Westfield Bondi Junction at 7am on Tuesday when he heard barking coming from a car parked “quite far” away.

He followed the sound to a black Mercedes Benz, where he noticed the sound was coming from the boot.

In a 10-second video posted on Facebook, the dog – believed to be a schnauzer – can be heard barking as the man attempts to film through the car’s tinted windows.

On one side of the car, two windows appeared to be down several inches to let in air.

The dog could be heard barking inside a black Mercedes Benz parked at the Westfield shopping centre in Bondi. Source: Facebook/Westfield

“Why the f would you do that… leave a dog in the car like that even if not hot,” one person wrote. “Any window open at all? Leave the dog at home!”

Another said it was “f***ed up” to leave the “poor dog” locked in the car, with others saying it was "disgusting" behaviour.

On a hot day, temperatures can be as much as 30 to 40 degrees higher inside a vehicle, according to KidSafe.

But many argued as the weather was a cool 19 degrees, the dog was perfectly safe.

“It’s not hot, the dog will be fine,” one said on Tuesday morning, before it was clear how long the dog had been trapped.

Others said the man filming was only making things worse.

“Give the dog some room, get away from the car. You’re not helping anyone by filming this poor dog. Giving it more stress by circling the car,” one person wrote.

Some suggested perhaps something happened to the owner, stopping them from returning to their car.

Dog locked in car for at least 9 hours

In a shocking update, the man who filmed the video said the car was still in the car park at 4.30pm, with the dog still barking.

"I've just finished work for the day. The schnauzer is still locked up in the boot of the this car WTF," he wrote.

"Police and Westfield haven't done anything yet."

The man needed to leave the centre before the dog was rescued but said Westfield security were organising a 'smash kit' to free it from the vehicle.

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