Dog-hurling doctor caught on camera

Krystal Johnson

A well-known Chilean doctor who was caught on tape throwing an injured dog outside elevator doors has outraged people in South America.

Patricia Valdebenito was minding her own business in the elevator with a border collie - believed to be a guide dog - when ophthalmologist Carlos Schiappacasse enters with his two daughters.

The eye-doctor from Vina Del Mar looks furious about the dog sitting inside the elevator.

Patricia Valdebenito minds her own business when the doctor hurls the border collie out of the elevator doors. Photo: YouTube

He grabs the hound by the back of the neck and throws it out of the doors and attempts to shove Ms Valdebenito out also.

The dog's owner, Carlos Salgado, said the doctor's actions were cowardice. Photo: Youtube

The shocked maid stands her ground and argues back at the doctor.

The video posted to YouTube on Sunday includes Ms Valdebenito, a nany, account of what happened.

The disrespectful doctor can be seen argueing with the maid after he tries to push her out of the elevator also. Photo: YouTube

"(He) started to attack me and (told me to) leave the elevator, that was not my place, I told him I would not go down, so suddenly take the animal and throws off lift and then push me."

Ms Valdebenito also asked the doctor if he was discriminating against her because of her job.

The well-respected Chilean doctor, Carlos Schiappacasse, has sparked outrage across South America. Photo: Facebook

The dog's owner, Carlos Salgado, said the doctor's actions were cowardly.

Dr Schiappacasse has reportedly left for Miami in the US since the incident but this has not been confirmed.

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