Dog found bound, punctured and covered in strange symbols at Aussie park

WARNING - CONFRONTING IMAGES: An investigation is underway after a large dog was found in Queensland covered in strange symbols and sporting puncture wounds.

Images shared by RSPCA Queensland show the large tan mastiff cross secured to a tree by a short lead in the south Brisbane suburb of Boronia Heights.

His body is covered in child-like purple scrawl which officers described as “graffiti” and blood can be seen soaking his fur below the ear and around his neck.

The mastiff is lying on the ground with a bloody neck. Strange purple symbols have been scrawled on his fur.
A mastiff cross was found punctured and covered in strange graffiti at a Brisbane park. Source: RSPCA

The RSPCA called for public assistance on Friday to try and determine how he became injured and abandoned.

Rescued dog traumatised after ordeal

He has been in care since September 20 when a member of the public found him at Tovey Park, in a bush area that backs onto housing.

The dog was not microchipped, hampering efforts to locate his owners and it remains unclear how long he was tethered to the tree.

Two images of the mastiff cross dog tied to a tree.
Investigators are urging anyone with information as to why the dog was abandoned to contact them. Source: RSPCA

RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon said the animal is receiving veterinary treatment for his injuries but the psychological trauma from the ordeal will take longer to heal.

“It’s always unfortunate when dogs are in these situations, they’re often timid and afraid, so we’re just trying to work with him and help bring him out of his shell,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

Call for owners to surrender unwanted pets

Following the discovery, the RSPCA is urging the owners of unwanted pets to surrender them so they can be rehomed.

A map of Tovey Park
The dog was found at Tovey Park, in bushland that backs onto housing. Source: Google Maps

“We need to see an end to this type of animal abandonment and neglect,” Ms Lagoon said.

“It’s absolutely not ok to leave an injured dog tied to a tree. As for the markings, it’s plain disrespectful.”

Dog is second in one month to be found tied to tree

The mastiff cross is the second dog to be found tethered to a tree in Queensland in just one month.

In an incident believed to be unrelated, a male American Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was found dead 44km north in Bald Hills.

Found on August 14, investigators believe he was tied to the tree for the purpose of being killed. While the RSPCA has called for help to help find those responsible no one has come forward with information.

Anyone with knowledge about either incident is urged to contact the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

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