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Dog fights off two-metre crocodile at popular beach

WARNING – GRAPHIC PHOTOS: A dog in the Northern Territory has made a miraculous escape from the jaws of a crocodile.

Banjo, a five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, fought off a two-metre saltwater crocodile at Casuarina Beach in Darwin on Monday morning, thankfully escaping relatively unharmed.

"He managed to escape with some deep lacerations and a fresh appreciation of why we must ALWAYS Be Crocwise around any body of water in the Top End," the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife wrote on their Facebook page.

Banjo the dog was lucky to escape relatively unharmed.  Source: Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife
Banjo the dog was lucky to escape relatively unharmed. Source: Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

Attacked at popular beach

Casuarina Beach is one of the most popular in Darwin, extending from Rapid Creek through Casuarina to Lee Point.

The Crocodile Management Team hasn't found the crocodile yet, but are pleading for people to be careful around the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

Wildlife authorities have set traps in the Casuarina area in an effort to locate the crocodile.

The back of the staffie, Banjo, with three deep bright red bite marks on his back near his tail.
Banjo was bitten three times on his back. Source: Supplied

According to Nine News, Banjo was attacked when he was walking with his owner in knee-deep water at around 9am on Monday.

The crocodile bit him on his rear then fled, leaving Banjo with three bite marks on his back.

'Very lucky dog'

Facebook users couldn't believe the dog got away, passing on their well-wishes to the pooch.

"That would have been horrible to see, I hope he heals quickly," one user commented.

"One very lucky dog," said another.

Crocodile sightings are common in the Northern Territory, with saltwater crocodiles found along the coastline and waterways of the Territory.

Although their preference is fish, they're not fussy eaters and will eat almost anything including cows and buffaloes, wild boar, turtles, birds and crabs and can grow up to six metres long.

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