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Does Martinez deserve to win the Ballon d'Or?

Your views
Your views

After Emi Martinez made the list of 30 nominees for the Ballon d'Or, we asked you whether the World Cup winner deserved to win the award.

Here are some of your answers:

Adam: Martinez deserves his place on the list, if not the trophy. People saying Messi should win for winning the World Cup, but let's not forget who saved penalties and "put players off" in the shootouts to get them through. Simply put - without his heroics Messi doesn't win the World Cup. Messi wins for his World Cup? Then so does Emi, more so.

Simon: Martinez is a great keeper, and after a long apprenticeship at Arsenal, it's great seeing him get the plaudits he deserves. But the way he behaved at the World Cup medal presentation was a disgrace and let himself, family and Aston Villa down. If he could add a little humility to his game, he would be held in even higher regard.

Rachel: Emi Martinez deserves to win the Yashin award. I can't think of any other goalkeeper worldwide that deserves it more with his heroics regarding penalty saves, normal saves and in general.

Phil: Look at Argentina's record over the last thirty years, while one man does not a team make, their fortunes have improved amazingly since they picked Emi. From a club perspective he has also been a key factor in our upturn in fortunes. A first pick for club and country.

Martin: Martinez is the main reason Argentina won the biggest prize in football, his one-on-one save at the end of the final was immense and he got into the heads of the penalty takers to make them miss.

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