Dodgy car traders cop hefty fines in Vic

Carly Waters

Four people have been fined more than $100,000 for illegally trading nearly 200 cars in Victoria.

A Consumer Affairs Victoria investigation found Abdellatif Cheairi Bouiajithe, Marjan Hayvari, Gelzar Ali Aziz, and Taleb Youseff had on-sold cars bought at auction houses.

The investigation was based on vehicle auction house records, with cars being sold to unsuspecting customers between March 2016 and 2017.

In Victoria, a person dealing in more than four cars per year must be licensed.

Mr Bouiajithe was fined $30,000 for selling 48 cars.

Ms Hayvari was penalised $26,175 for selling 54 cars while Ms Aziz was fined $35,670 for 69 cars, and Mr Youseff $12,000.

In total, 192 cars were traded illegally.

People who buy cars from unlicensed traders are left exposed as the vehicles will not come with a cooling-off period or other protections a licensed dealer provides.

Acting director of Consumer Affairs Victoria Michelle Osborne said the fines sent a strong message to traders looking to make a quick buck without following regulations.