Doctor's shocking mistake after toddler breaks his leg

Doctors have put an orthopaedic cast on the wrong leg of a toddler who fell off a changing table and fell on his right leg.

One-year-old Noam was taken to the hospital of Bois d’Abbaye in north-eastern Belgium by his concerned father after he had an accident at home.

Initially, his parents did not notice anything unusual and went on with their normal day.

Doctors plastered the healthy leg of a toddler instead of the broken one. Source: CEN/Australscope

However, during the night Noam started crying and his father, Cedric, decided to take him to the nearest hospital.

After doing a scan, the doctor who examined the boy decided that his leg needed a cast.

Medical staff later told the surprised father that they had put the cast on the left leg instead of the right.

The little boy’s father Cedric was left shocked by the incident. Source: CEN/Australscope

The plaster was removed from the wrong leg and the procedure was repeated.

The family has not filed a complaint against the medical staff but decided to go public with the hospital’s mishap.

– Australscope