Doctor Who’s Russell T Davies teases "ride of a lifetime" in Mrs Flood mystery

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Doctor Who’s Davies teases Mrs Flood mysteryBBC

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has teased the "ride of a lifetime" in the Mrs Flood mystery.

The character, who is the neighbour of Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) and is played by Anita Dobson, has remained a bit of an enigma on the show so far.

However, Davies has promised answers to come potentially in this year's Christmas special and into the next season.

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Appearing in a video message on The Official Doctor Who Podcast, the show boss teased: "Christmas is mad and brilliant and exciting! I can tell you that the story as we go into 2025 of Ruby's family is not quite at an end. There's more revelations to come.

"But why was Mrs Flood standing on a rooftop making those pronouncements? All I can say is, you are literally in for the ride of a lifetime. Please come back," he added.

In other news, Davies recently addressed continuity errors in the series over its multi-decade run, admitting he would be willing to write entries that clash with existing lore.

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"It's destroyed Atlantis three times in its history, and if someone came to me tomorrow with a great story about the destruction of Atlantis, I'd do it again," he said at the Russell T Davies: A Life in Pictures event at BAFTA.

"In the 1960s, with William Hartnell, they went to Troy and did the wooden horse... that so wouldn't stop me doing Troy and the wooden horse again now. I'd do it again now.

"That's not a spoiler – I'm not doing it! But you'd just put in one line, 'Oh, a glitch in time, we're here again'."

Doctor Who airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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