Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson teases twist in upcoming season

millie gibson and ncuti gatwa in doctor who
Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson teases twist in episodeJames Pardon - BBC

Doctor Who star Millie Gibson has teased an exciting twist for the upcoming series of the BBC show.

The star made her debut as companion Ruby Sunday in 2023's Christmas Special, 'The Church on Ruby Road', and will reprise her role in the upcoming new season, which is due to premiere in May this year.

One plot strand in the special surrounded the identity of Ruby's parents being a mystery, and Gibson may have been referring to this story in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine (via RadioTimes) in which she teased that fans can expect: "A twist. There's always a twist."

millie gibson and ncuti gatwa in doctor who
James Pardon - BBC

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The star, who previously appeared as Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street, also spoke about the fashion style for her character, saying: "The sixties episode will blow people away. I think that's my favourite personally. It's a really cool episode with cool costumes. Any of the era episodes are always pretty iconic, aren't they?

"It's good because it's usually only the companions that get new costumes but that season, the Doctor changes his outfit as well. I'm always blown away by the make-up team and the costume team, they're so good."

She added that she also loves "Ruby's season two look", saying, "I'm so lucky".

It was reported earlier this month that Gibson's stint as Ruby will be short lived, with the star set to exit as a full-time cast member after just one series. The speculation was fuelled by the show casting Andor's Varada Sethu, who has been pictured with Ncuti Gatwa on set.

millie gibson in 'the church on ruby road' in doctor who

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Whilst fans still have a little while to wait before the Time Lord returns to our screens, 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi recently spoke about his tenure as the iconic character, referring to the Doctor as a "folk hero" and "icon".

"There aren't a lot of people who have been in that role in the centre of that storm," he said. "Most people think the job is being on the Tardis and running around with Daleks. Which it is. That's the fun part. But there's a lot of other stuff you have to do, too.

"You’re kind of the face of the brand and the brand is very big... You have to pretend to be a version of yourself that's far more amenable. You embody for a time this folk hero, this icon. I was able to comfort people in a way that would be beyond the powers of Peter."

Doctor Who will return for its 14th series in May, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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