Skin-crawling discovery after woman complains of 'buzzing' in her ear

A doctor made a disturbing discovery when he checked a woman’s ears.

According to the treating doctor in Dien Bien Province in Vietnam, a woman came into the clinic claiming there was an animal making a “buzzing” noise in her ear earlier this month, according to Newsflare.

The doctor then checked the woman’s ear with endoscopic equipment.

Inside the woman’s eardrum, the doctor discovered a large mosquito.

The doctor removed the mosquito and said it was not uncommon for insects to fly into people’s ears.

A doctor in Vietnam has removed a mosquito from a woman's ear. Source: Newsflare.

Apparently small animals like butterflies and mosquitos easily fly into people’s ears, which could lead to damage.

Earlier this month, in the same district in Vietnam, a doctor found dozens of ‘mushrooms’ growing inside a woman’s ear.

According to the doctor who tended to this woman, there were hundreds of tiny, mushroom-like structures growing.

Medical professionals believe the bizarre growth could have been caused by an ear infection.

Doctors successfully removed the growths from the woman’s ear who came to the clinic complaining of her ears being painful and itchy.

– with Newsflare

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