Doctor couple builds dream life in Ipswich

Sonia Kohlbacher
Mohsin Ali Tariq and Bushra Mumtaz are living their dream life with their children in Queensland

Bushra Mumtaz' voice dips when she talks about the beauty of the country she now calls home.

On Sunday Dr Mumtaz, her husband Mohsin Tariq and their two children will all become Australian citizens.

Their journey from Pakistan's second biggest city as fresh medical graduates to doctors in Ipswich is one made of love, dreams and ambition.

"Leaving family behind was a very big thing for me because I was very attached to the rest of the family," Dr Mumtaz said.

"It was exciting as well, because I was looking forward to starting a life here."

The couple, who met while studying medicine in Lahore, imagined an Australia that was beautiful, welcoming and had a great health system.

They were not disappointed. And they barrack for the nation's cricket team over their home country, for anyone asking.

Dr Mumtaz laughs when asked about her life here and the one she left behind as a newlywed in 2011.

"Here, women are doing everything, we are doing everything on our own - cleaning, cooking and outside work.

"In Pakistan, I think we are very spoiled. We've got cleaners and drivers and watchmen and stuff like that, so I knew that it was going to be absolutely different.

"But I love the lifestyle here, we are so independent and it is beautiful, we love it."

Dr Tariq says he and Dr Mumtaz dreamt big about the life they wanted to build here.

"Everything has absolutely gone the way we wanted it to," he said.

"As I was saying to my wife the other day, you can dream of anything, and it has happened over the last 10 years for us.

"We have wonderful jobs, careers, kids - a boy and a girl who are growing up.

"Everything has gone perfectly to plan."