Doctor Who boss addresses Ruby mystery in 73 Yards

maxine evans, millie gibson, doctor who
Doctor Who boss addresses Ruby mystery in 73 YardsBBC

Doctor Who episode 4 spoilers follow.

Doctor Who boss Russell T Davies has addressed the mystery involving Ruby Sunday from the show's most recent episode '73 Yards'.

In the episode Ruby (played by Millie Gibson) was pursued by a ghostly figure who always kept 73 yards behind her.

The white-haired woman was later revealed to be an aged-up version of Ruby herself who was causing people, including Ruby's mother Carla, to run away scared from her.

maxine evans, millie gibson, doctor who

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But just what was the older version of Ruby saying to cause this reaction? Well, it appears we'll never know.

Speaking on the latest episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed, Davies revealed he wouldn't be revealing what the woman was saying.

"You will never know," he said (via Radio Times). "I’m never gonna tell you what she says.

"It’s kind of up to you to sit there and think, 'Well, what could someone say that would make a mother run away from her daughter forever?'

ncuti gatwa as the doctor, millie gibson as ruby sunday, doctor who, episode 4 73 yards

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"You could look at yourself and think, 'What would make me do that?' And once you start to do that, you enter the real horror story. The dreadful things that are being said there, terrible things."

Davies had previously teased that the episode featured "possibly the strangest villain you’ll ever see."

"You have to come and watch – even in an interview like this, it’s hard to describe," he told RadioTimes. "You’ve got to come and watch episode four to understand what’s going on."

Doctor Who debuts new episodes at midnight on Saturday, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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