Diver's 'sickening' find beneath ocean's surface

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

A Perth diver has made a “sickening” find off her local jetty.

Lisa Hills has been diving at Woodman Point Ammo Jetty south of Perth for two years.

But she’s told Yahoo News Australia the area has ongoing problems with litter and some fishermen killing wildlife.

Ms Hills recently found a dead fiddler ray, a dead shovelnose ray and what she believes to be an eagle ray with its wings removed.

Lisa Hills said this Port Jackson shark was dying when she found it. Source: Facebook/ Lisa Hills

She also found a Port Jackson shark which wasn’t dead but appeared to be dying.

“It’s just damn right sickening,” Ms Hills said. 

“I don't understand why we can do this to some marine species and think it’s OK.”

A shovelnose ray on the ocean floor.

Ms Hills said some fishermen are behind the dead marine life.

“It breaks my heart,” she said.

“I think there are two types of fishermen - ones that genuinely respect the sport and others who just do it for fun.

“They probably think they don’t have feelings or something. These people certainly don’t.”

Ms Hills said she also found 'endless amounts of fishing waste'. Source: Facebook/ Lisa Hills

Among the dead bodies, Ms Hills said rubbish has also been found in the area.

She posted a photo to Facebook of a discarded shopping trolley and a camping chair.

Ms Hills added she’s also come across “endless amounts of fishing waste”, bikes, beer bottles and street signs.

“I know people who have been diving there for over a decade and it’s always been bad,” she said.

The diver said she’s volunteered with Sea Shepherd to clean the area up and it might be time for her to get her hands dirty again.

“We did a big clean up there in January this year,” she said. 

“I think another one is definitely due.”

The diver said the area is overdue for a clean. Source: Facebook/ Lisa Hills

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