Terrifying moment shark bites diver on the head caught on GoPro

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

GoPro footage captures the terrifying moment a two-metre reef shark launched an attack on a spearfisherman, biting the back of his head.

Will Krause, from Florida, US, was diving with friends in the Bahamas when the creature appeared almost out of nowhere and zeroed in on him.

His friend Zach Shipps was recording his own spearfishing encounter with a GoPro strapped to his wetsuit when he noticed the shark charging at his friend.

GoPro footage captures the moment a two-metre reef shark launched an attack on a diver and bit the back of his head. Source: Will Krause / YouTube

He turned around just in time to see the shark bite Mr Krause’s head underwater.

Mr Shipps can be seen frantically ascending to the water’s surface and yelling “Shark, shark, shark,” to warn his group, before ducking back under the water.

Seconds later, his companion can be seen swimming as fast as he can towards the boat, with blood staining his light blue hood.

Will Krause, from Florida, US, left blood-stained but alive after a shark appeared and bit his head in waters off the Bahamas. Source: Will Krause / YouTube

“You alright?” Mr Shipps calls out to Mr Krause, who is patting the back of his head where the blood is, before the rest of the group follow him into the boat.

It is not known how badly Mr Krause was injured in the attack, but a picture taken after the incident shows him smiling, albeit with a bandaged head and blood-stained shirt.

The incident happened in August but only went viral last week when the footage was shared to Facebook in the form of a Thanksgiving message.

“I miraculously escaped with several stitches, some gnarly scars and a viral GoPro video,” Mr Krause wrote in the post.