Disturbing video shows teen climbing into emu enclosure and attacking bird

Shocking video has emerged of a teenager jumping a fence to attack an emu in a zoo in Queensland’s city of Bundaberg.

The teen was seen scaling the fence to climb into an enclosure at the Alexandra Park Zoo before taunting and attacking the animal.

He throws sticks at the bird as it runs towards him.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Wayne Honor said it was “a stupid act”.

The teen climbs a fence at Alexandra Park Zoo and proceeds to attack and taunt an emu in the enclosure. Source: 7 News

“For anybody to violate an animal enclosure – they’ve put themselves in danger and they’ve traumatised the animals,” Cr Honor said.

Council found out about the vision after it was shared on Facebook.

Cr Honor added about 100 people had shared it.

Zoo curator David Flack said he’s glad it was shared because now the zoo can track down the teen depicted in the video.

The two emus named Apple and Jimmy are said to be traumatised by the incident.

The emus are said to be traumatised by the experience. Source: 7 News

Mr Flack said the emus undergo training and conditioning.

“This sort of activity can basically put that training back,” he said. “So we have to start again potentially.”

Mr Flack added staff will also review the zoo’s CCTV footage.

Police are investigating and believe they know the person responsible. He’s facing charges of trespass and endangering an animal.

Bundaberg Senior Constable Darlene Webb said it’s important animals are treated with respect.

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