Disturbing video emerges after teen mysteriously vanishes in middle of night

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A disturbing 14-second video has emerged following the disappearance of a teenage girl who vanished in the middle of the night.

Gloria Alvarado, 15, went missing on the night of November 1 from her home in Taylor, the US state of Michigan, Fox 2 reported.

Her mum, Tina, said her daughter went to bed about 9pm and was gone in the morning when she went to wake her up for school.

The window of Gloria’s bedroom was “wide open” and the mesh screen was cut, Ms Alvarado told the network.

Gloria Alvarado pictured in ball dress before she disappeared.
Gloria Alvarado has been missing from her family home for two weeks. Source: Fox 2

She added that Gloria’s phone was “just laying on the bed” when she entered her room in the morning.

“I see the curtain was hanging, the window was wide open, the screen was cut... Her phone is just laying on the bed (and) Gloria is not there,” she said.

“(I said) 'Gloria is gone, she is gone’.”

Police investigating the teen’s disappearance have since collected a suspicious video from a neighbour.

Footage showed a car pull up outside the home about 1am before two people got out.

Before it becomes clear where they went, the video cuts out. It’s not clear if police released the clip purposely short, or if the 14 seconds of footage was all that was made available to them.

Image from video of car and people outside Gloria's home.
A 14 second clip showed a car and two people outside the home on the night the teen vanished. Source: Fox 2

Gloria’s mum is certain that someone must have seen or heard something that could help in returning her daughter home.

“We are constantly on the lookout to see if we see her, but no one is saying anything. No one is talking. Somebody has got to have seen something,” she said.

Gloria has now missed a week’s worth of school, which police said was out-of-character for the teen, who is a straight-A student.

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