The disturbing story behind this photo of a crate left in the woods

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A discovery of an animal crate left in the woods has revealed a horrifying case of animal abuse.

When passers-by spotted the box in deep woodland in Spokane Valley in Washington, US, they instinctively checked what was inside.

Yet to their horror, they discovered the dead body of a mixed breed female dog.

The crate was spotted by passers-by in the wooded area. Source: Facebook/ SCRAPS

The local animal protection service, SCRAPS, say the dog’s death was “painful and prolonged”, according to the dog’s necropsy results.

The animal’s cause of death was determined as starvation and dehydration.

It is unknown how long the dog spent inside the crate without food and water.

The dog’s body inside the crate. Source: Facebook/ SCRAPS

She was also found to have pressure sores on her feet.

Authorities are now searching for those who abandoned the dog, with SCRAPS saying “justice” is needed for “the person responsible for this dog’s death”.

SCRAPS are calling for anyone who recognises the dog to get in touch with local police or themselves.

In another shocking case of animal cruelty, a Victoria man was fined over $15,000 after he shot dead 19 lorikeets on his property. 

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