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'Millions are dying': Disturbing photo shows what is killing our native birds

A magpie has shocked wildlife carers after a clump of tangled plastic and rubber was found inside the sick bird.

The staff at Perth’s Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Native ARC) said the bird was “emaciated, lethargic and extremely unwell” when it was bought into the hospital.

After medical care, the bird shocked staff when it passed the large amount of plastic.

“This is what was pooed out by a Magpie in our hospital this week,” the Native ARC staff wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

“Upon inspection the item was a mix of balloon, plastic and rubber band,” the post continued.

The magpie was able to pass the large mass of intertwined rubbish after receiving medical care from the non-profit organisation and is on the road to recovery but Native Arc posted that the bird was one of the “lucky few that made it to medical care”.

The large clump of plastic that was passed by the magpie (left).
The magpie shocked staff when it passed a large clump of tangled plastic (left). Source: Getty stock/Facebook/Native ARC Inc

“It is estimated millions of birds die each year as a result of plastic ingestion,” Native ARC wrote.

The post urged people to do away with balloon releases and be more conscious of littering.

“This is a great example of why balloons and plastic should never be 'released' and why we all need to take care in how we dispose of waste.”

The post has been shared almost 1500 times and the majority of people seem to agree that there is nothing to celebrate when balloons are released into the environment.

“How sad. When will people realise how dangerous their abandoned rubbish is to our wildlife,” one person wrote.

“Releasing balloons is so wrong. What's wrong with people... they only think of themselves and never the consequences of their actions,” another person added.

One person was shocked by how large the clump of rubbish was.

“That’s horrendous,” a user wrote.

“Poor little thing, what are we doing to our planet,” another added.

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