Disturbing moment man devours live mice

WARNING – DISTURBING CONTENT: A video of a man eating live mice has gone viral on social media, leaving many viewers asking ‘why?’

The video posted on January 15 shows a man sorting through a plate of small grey mice that are still moving.

Using chopsticks, he picks up one of the mice, dips it in a yellow condiment and eats it whole before nodding with delight.

The man then eats another live mouse and gives a thumbs up to the camera.

In the video the man eats two live mice with a glass of wine. Source: Twitter @_leolionheart_

It’s not known where or when the video was taken, but the Twitter poster who uploaded it captioned the footage with the hashtag #YearOfTheRat and compared it to the spread of the the contagious and deadly virus, coronavirus, which some believe spread to humans by people eating infected baby bats.

The video had been viewed almost one million times.

“Just tell me this is fake so I can sleep tonight,” one person wrote.

“I have never seen something so disgusting, wow!” another person replied.

One person was concerned about the raw food causing health issues.

“How could eat something that is still alive? It might be your food, fine, but cooking will eliminate microorganisms!”

Another viewer compared it to a horror movie.

“That is just plain disgusting. Where are the fava beans to go with his Chianti?”

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