Distressing video of girl, 4, drowning in pool as women stand nearby

A harrowing video shows a little girl drowning in a swimming pool as two adults standing nearby fail to notice the unfolding tragedy.

The accident happened at a children's swimming pool in Jieyang City, located in China's Guangdong Province, where the four-year-old girl in a swimming ring tipped upside down and drowned.

Her little legs are seen kicking feverishly as she tries to right herself as a nearby woman is seen eating food and a second changes the clothes of another child.

A woman eating and another changing the clothes of a child fail to notice the drowning tragedy of a little girl in China.
A four-year-old drowns in a swimming pool. Sadly two women standing nearby failed to notice the unfolding tragedy. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

The head of the drowning toddler is in the water, so she cannot scream for help.

The woman in the black dress changing the child then takes her over to the swimming pool and again fails to notice what is going on.

After depositing the child in the water, she then leaves.

The woman eating also turns around, but does not see what is going on and then walks away.

It looks as if one of the children in the swimming pool notices something is amiss.

It was later confirmed the child left upside down had died.

Local police confirmed the child died in the swimming pool, but did not comment on the identities of the two women or whether they were staff or relatives of the girl who died.

– Australscope

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