Distressing moment 'clump of hair' ripped from female police officer's scalp

Olivia Lambert
News Editor

The distressing moment a female police officer was allegedly punched and dragged to the ground by her hair, with a clump ripped from her scalp, has been caught on video.

Two police officers on NSW’s Central Coast were responding to reports of a domestic incident about 10.30pm on Tuesday, when they were approached by a 35-year-old man who allegedly became violent as he resisted arrest.

A struggle then ensued as a male and female officer attempted to restrain him, with the terrifying ordeal caught on camera.

The offender allegedly spat at the male officer before assaulting the woman by grabbing her hair. She was allegedly dragged to the ground and a clump of hair was ripped from her scalp.

In the video she can be heard screaming as the man yells, “deal with it”. The male officer then demands the offender to “let go of her”.

In a statement released by police, the female officer became increasingly distressed when she was grabbed around the neck and choked.

The man then allegedly elbowed the male officer in the face and twisted his genitals before additional police came to the aid of their colleague.

The offender can be heard yelling in the video “I can’t breathe” as officers hold him down and wait for back-up.

"Last time I moved you said you couldn’t breathe... and then you grab my partner by the hair and you wouldn't let her go," the male officer can be heard saying.

The offender attended hospital before being taken to Wyong Police Station.

He has since been charged with 13 offences, including assault of an officer in execution of duty, resisting an officer in execution of duty, affray, destroying or damaging property (Domestic Violence), common assault (DV), intentionally choking etc a person without consent, threatening injury to a person with intent to prevent lawful detention, intimidating a police officer in execution of duty without actual bodily harm and sexually touching another person without consent.

He has been refused bail to appear in court on June 25.

‘Appalling’ attack on officer, NSW police minister says

Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott said in a statement the alleged attack was “appalling”.

“This is an inexcusable attack on two officers who were simply responding to a call out to protect members of our community ... following reports of a domestic incident,” he said.

“We want to work out what the motives and attitudes are behind these awful attacks. Thumping police is just not on.”

A NSW Police officer attempts to restrain an offender before an alleged assault. Source: NSW Police

Northern Region Commander Assistant Commissioner Max Mitchell also condemned attacks on officers in the line of duty.

“These two officers were attending this location after receiving a call for help – as thousands of officers across NSW do every single day – and this is what greeted them,” he said.

“They were attacked, unprovoked, for simply doing their job.

“We are thankful they only received minor injuries.”

Dad of ‘attacked’ policeman voices concerns

In a raw letter to 2GB radio host Ben Fordham, the father of the male officer allegedly attacked spoke of the anxieties of being a parent of a frontline worker.

“Whilst his mum and I are immensely proud of him and the way he conducted himself during the entire ordeal, it’s times like these we could cop him flipping burgers for a living,” he wrote.

“Parents of police officers would all share the same anxieties that we do.

The man was arrested and charged with 13 offences. Source: NSW Police

“Whenever there is any publicised incident those anxieties are magnified ten-fold.

“When that incident involves your own child, well, it’s a real heart-thumper.”

The father went on to say he would not sleep easy following the alleged incident, and called for a mandatory sentencing of people who assaulted healthcare workers, police, ambulance officers and firefighters.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said police had her full support.

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