Disney's Loki confirms earlier season 2 premiere in new trailer

tom hiddleston, owen wilson, loki season 2 official trailer
Disney's Loki confirms earlier season 2 premiereDisney+

The premiere for the second season of Loki has been brought forward, meaning fans don't have long to wait for the return of the God of Mischief.

In a behind-the-scenes featurette for the Disney+ show, the release date was now revealed to be a day sooner than before, with the first episode being brought forward to October 5.

In the trailer, the stars of the show teased the upcoming episodes, with lead star Tom Hiddleston proclaiming he was "excited to be back" and that the second season would be about Loki "understanding himself".

tom hiddleston, owen wilson, loki, season 2 official trailer

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"Everything is stepped up a gear," added Sophia Di Martino, who plays Sylvie in the MCU show. "The stakes are huge. You get to see Tom in a suit – a lot of people are going to like that!"

Executive producer Kevin R Wright also previewed the latest season in the featurette, saying: "We introduce this whole new corner to the MCU and these new characters. Rest assured, our Loki will be with our Mobius, and they will be dealing with the consequences of the first season.

"Loki has always been a villain – what we want to explore is also Loki finding out what heroism really looks like," he added.

Wunmi Mosaku, who plays Hunter B-15 in the series, spoke earlier this year of the follow-up season, with the actor saying she enjoyed the rare opportunity to reprise a previous role.

loki, season 2 official trailer

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"It was just really nice coming back. It's very rare for me to come back to a show. I think I've only ever come back to Vera, and I only came back for one episode," she said.

"To come back to season two to see everybody and be like, 'Oh, we did this' – that was really fun. That was just really new. I think I felt a little bit more nervous. I hope we live up to season one, because that obviously went down well."

Loki season 1 is streaming on Disney+. Season 2 will premiere on October 5.

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