Disney is already working on Frozen 4

frozen 2 trailer
Disney is already working on Frozen 4Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the studio is already working on a fourth instalment in the Frozen franchise.

A third film in the animated series was only announced earlier this year, but Iger revealed that development on a fourth entry was already underway.

“Frozen 3 is in the works, and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works too,” he told Good Morning America. “I don’t have much to say about those films right now, but Jennifer Lee, who created the original [two films], is hard at work with her team at Disney animation on not one but two stories.”

frozen 2 trailer

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Whilst a fourth film will be quite some time away, Lee did recently offer an exciting update on the third entry, with the creator revealing that production had recently progressed.

“All I'll say is that last week, they carved out time for me to work with the creative team on it. And I'm blown away,” she said. “I'm so excited. I don't know what I'm doing on it yet. I might be doing nothing.”

Lee’s latest update came after the news that she would not be returning to direct the third instalment, with the filmmaker saying back in June: “I can't say where we are [with Frozen 3.] All our stories are driven by the artists in the studio.

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“Where we're going with Frozen did not come from me. It came from an incredible person. That's a new piece, I've told no one. And I've been blown away by it and I'm just having a blast with that team.”

Whilst it’s unclear in what capacity Lee will feature, Frozen 3 will be able to call on its starry voice cast, with Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad all set to reprise their roles as Anna, Elsa and Olaf respectively.

Frozen and Frozen 2 are streaming on Disney+, and a third movie has been announced. Tickets for the West End musical are available here.

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