Disgusting videos reveal what your phone looks like on the inside

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
·1-min read

A number of TikTok videos have revealed what may be hiding inside your iPhone - but make sure you’re not eating while reading this.

PhoneFixCraft, a smartphone repair business based in Dublin, Ireland, has shared a number of iPhone cleaning videos.

They are stomach churning to say the least.

The charger port of an iPhone is pictured being cleaned with lint, hair and dirt removed.
This might explain why your phone isn't charging correctly - lots of dirt. Source: TikTok/ PhoneFix

In one video, the phone repairer warns: “Here’s why you don’t ask for earphones from a used iPhone”.

He then proceeds to zoom in on dirt, gunk, wax and hair trapped in the earphones.

In another he explains “why your Samsung Galaxy earpiece sounds muffled” before showing dirt and grime trapped in the speakers.

Others show him cleaning dust, dirt, wax and hair out of phone charger ports, speakers, more earphones and fixing cases.

Needless to say, while the cleaning is somewhat satisfying for some to watch, others find it gross.

“Gives me anxiety,” one woman said.

Others added they were going to check their phones for dirt.

“How does it even get that bad?” one man wrote.

According to SeniorLiving.org, more than 119,000 colony-forming units or CFUs live in earphones.

CFUs are microorganisms and by comparison that is 330 times more bacteria than a kitchen countertop.

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