The 'disgusting' celebration that has outraged America

NFL fans have erupted over what’s been labelled the ‘most disrespectful celebration of all time’.

During the New York Jets’ clash with the Cleveland Browns on Friday (AEST), young running back Isaiah Crowell shocked fans after scoring a touchdown.

A former Browns player who is now with the Jets, Crowell apparently didn’t enjoy his time in Cleveland.

Crowell returned to Cleveland as a member of the Jets on Friday, and let Browns fans know how he really felt about them with a vulgar TD celebration.

Isaiah Crowell carries the ball over for a touchdown. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Crowell’s inappropriate celebration took place after he scored his second rushing touchdown of the night.

After scoring, Crowell walked to the middle of the end zone, turned his back to the fans, used the football as if it were toilet paper and then threw it into the crowd of Browns fans.

Isaiah Crowell wiped his backside with the ball before tossing it to Browns fans. Image: Getty

It wasn’t subtle.

As you might expect, Crowell was penalised for the celebration.

Joe Buck, who famously called the Randy Moss mooning celebration, didn’t go so far as to call Crowell’s celebration a “disgusting act”, but he wasn’t too happy about it either.

Fans and other pundits weren’t as forgiving as Buck though.

Prior to joining the Jets, Crowell spent the first four years of his career in Cleveland.

With the Browns, he ran for over 3,000 yards and 22 total touchdowns in 64 games.

With Chris Cwik – Yahoo Sports