‘Sold out within weeks’: Massive discounts on Holden cars to come

Massive discounts on Holden cars flagged. Source: Getty

Aussies could snag massive discounts on Holden cars, as General Motors announces its $1.1 billion exit from the Australian market. 

Holden dealers will know within the next 24 to 48 hours the discounts they’ll be offering on remaining Holden stock, with showrooms likely to shut in the middle of the year rather than the end, according to Car Advice.

Additionally, those who signed a contract to buy a new Holden prior to Monday’s announcement could be eligible to re-negotiate a drive-away price, Holden dealers told the publication.

“It won’t take long,” a dealer said.

“I reckon everyone will be sold out of their Holden stock within weeks not months. No-one wants to hang onto them now, we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible or even put them on the used-car lot.”

Holden dealer jobs at risk

The announcement comes as the fate of hundreds of Holden workers across Holden’s dealer network remains unclear.

Workers at Holden’s 185 retail outlets in Australia and 31 in New Zealand have been given the choice to transition into other brands or close down.

"We are all hurting," Holden interim chairman and managing director Kristian Aquilina said in an open letter published in newspapers on Tuesday.

"Holden will always have a special place in the development of our countries. As Australia and New Zealand grew, Holden was a part of the engine room fuelling that development," he said.

"Unfortunately, all the hard work and talent of the Holden family, the support of our parent company GM and the passion of our loyal supporters have not been enough to overcome our challenges.

"We understand the impact of this decision on our people, our customers, our dealers and our partners and will work closely with all stakeholders to deliver a dignified and respectful transition."

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