'Cried all the way home': Disabled mum hits out at 'ignorant' note left on her car window

A Queensland mum has lashed out after an “ignorant” note was left on her car.

The mum, who lives in Cairns, was visiting a doctor recently with one of her children.

She wrote on a Facebook that when she returned to her car she found that someone had left her a note.

“This park is for people with disabilities!” the note reads.

“Not for able-bodied mothers with babies.

“Shame on you.”

A mum, who claims to live in 'constant pain', was left this note on her car. She also claims she had a disabled parking permit. Source: Facebook

The mum had parked in a disabled parking spot but claims she had her permit displayed and called the person who wrote the note “ignorant” and “sneaky”.

“Shame on you,” the mum wrote.

“You’re not my doctor. I may look ‘able-bodied’ but I have a disease where the white blood cells attack every bone in my body.

“I live with constant pain”.

The mum added she doesn’t normally use disabled parking spots but had to on this occasion due to the pain she was in.

“Next time before you judge think about what you’re about to do because on top of my illness and pain I have cried all the way home,” she wrote.

Many people sided with the mum and condemned the person responsible for writing the note.

Others condemned whoever wrote the note for judging the woman, with the note called 'awful and totally unnecessary'. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

“People should mind their own business if they don’t know anything,” one woman wrote.

Another called the note writer a “gutless a**hole” and someone else added the mum had “no need to explain to anyone” with her permit displayed.

“That’s awful and totally unnecessary,” another woman wrote.

But not everyone was so quick to judge the person for writing the note.

One man suggested the note writer “had the right intentions but just got it wrong”.

“They were just trying to stand up for the disabled,” he wrote.

“I’m sorry that the note upset you, but I really don’t think that was the author’s intentions.”

Another praised whoever was responsible for writing the note.

“Good on him in a way because some people use it when they shouldn’t,” the man wrote.

“However, poor form if they didn’t even look through your window to see the pass.”

In May last year, a woman who was visiting Sydney’s inner west suburb of Stanmore shared a note left on her window.

She was visiting a friend but the note left her shaken.

In January, a woman with Parkinson’s disease was left an insulting note on a napkin.

She said she “felt violated” after reading it.

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