Disabled beggar found dead with $1.5m stashed away

A disabled beggar’s vast savings of nearly $1.5 million have been discovered by stunned police investigating her death.

Fatima Othman’s small fortune was stumbled upon by officers in Beirut, Lebanon after she passed away last week.

Two plastic carrier bags were found at the 52-year-old’s begging spot with bank notes totalling about $4390, The Sun reported.

Yet the contents of those bags was loose change in comparison to police’s next discovery.

Unknown to many, beggar Fatima Othman was sitting on a small fortune. Source: Australscope

A deposit book for a local bank they found among her belongings contained a staggering $1,492,000 in savings.

Police described the discovery “a big surprise” but weren’t treating her death as suspicious. Police spokesman Joseph Musallem said Ms Othman had died of a heart attack.

Ms Othman, unable to use her hands or feet, was renowned in the local community and was said to be reliant on their support for food and water.

She gained international recognition after a photo of her was shared online. In the image she can be seen being helped drinking from a bottle of water by a soldier.

Police managed to track down her family, who said they were stunned to hear of her secret wealth.

Her body has since been buried by her family, and police say they will look to identify her next of kin.

It is believed a fear of being robbed was keeping her from telling people about her finances.