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Diners divided over Aussie restaurant's $10 Jatz entree: ‘Pretentious’

Diners at a fancy Sydney restaurant were a little bemused to say the least when they were recommended an entrée comprised of Jatz crackers.

A $10 appetiser involving a favourite Aussie snack has left diners boiling with rage.

“Is this peak Sydney?” one customer wrote. “[This is] at a new fancy restaurant, described as Jatz, smoked butter and anchovy. And yeh, that’s what it was!”

Pictured alongside the online post was the dish in question which consisted of just two crackers and their toppings.

“I’m lost for words,” one person on Reddit wrote. “I’m all for pushing the boundaries but a Jatz cracker with a s***load of butter and an anchovy does not interest me in the slightest,” another said.

The Jatz dish on Reddit.
The dinner told users on Reddit that the Jatz dish came recommended by a waitress. Source: Reddit/aussie_trekker (Reddit/aussie_trekker)

“$10 sounds ridiculous for that,” someone else added while another pointed out that “a box of Jatz is currently $3.50.”

But others said the diner only had themselves to blame.

“You’re getting ripped and they’re laughing their arses off at you,” one user said.

“I’d say peak Sydney is being dumb enough to pay $10 for a couple of Jatz crackers and a mouthful of topping,” commented another.

When asked why they even picked the entree, the customer said it came recommended.

“I questioned the waitress and said I have Jatz at home,” they wrote. “She informed me it definitely was great and worth it.”

The Kiln restaurant in Sydney (left) and the restaurant's photo of the Jatz dish (right).
On its Instagram page Kiln said the Jatz, smoked butter and anchovy entrée "says it all." Source: Instagram/Kiln Sydney (Instagram/Kiln Sydney)

Jatz the signature scent for head chef

It’s since been revealed that Kiln, a brand new restaurant in Surry Hills, is behind the contentious snack. For Head Chef Mitch Orr, Jatz-inspired dishes have become his signature mark.

“It’s a play on the high-low, which is something I love to bring into my cooking,” he told Good Food last year. “The version at Kiln [is topped with] a butter that’s smoked using the wood from the grill and is topped with a baller Olasagasti anchovy.”

While the morsel and “pretentious menu” has copped plenty of flank, some said they would have “ordered it out of morbid curiosity too".

“I mean it's a wank but [it] probably tastes delicious,” one user said. “Remember you're not paying $10 just for a dish. The new Kiln space is one of the nicest restaurant set-ups in Sydney. It's the atmosphere and staff you're really paying for.”

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Kiln for comment on Wednesday afternoon but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

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