Digital facial reconstruction to ID man

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It is hoped an image of a man's face that was created using digital reconstruction technology will help solve a 35-year-old mystery.

The image depicts the face of an unknown man whose body was found in Sydney's southwest in March 1987.

NSW Police found his body near the railway line at Guildford, just south of the Hawksview Street Overpass.

Police determined the man's death was not suspicious, but were unable to formally identify him.

The man sustained serious facial injuries when he died, so the reconstruction was created by examining two monochrome post mortem images taken at the morgue in 1987.

Missing Persons Registry manager, Detective Chief Inspector Glen Browne, said it was the first time the unit had employed the forensic tool in the hope that someone may recognise the man's face.

"These types of images are produced only when all other means of identification have failed, yet its margin of error for much of the face is relatively small and the end result quite lifelike," he said on Thursday.

"We hope its release will prompt someone to come forward with information."

The man is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, aged between 50 and 55, about 170cm tall, of medium build and with greying brown hair.

Other defining features found on the man include a silver Zenith watch and a silver upper front tooth.

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