'Father of the Bride' star Diego Boneta shares the childhood snack he still recreates to this day

Diego Boneta has
Diego Boneta has "simple" tastes in the kitchen. His favorite meal? "There’s nothing like a good quesadilla," he says. (Photo: Getty; designed by Nathalie Cruz)

In the 2022 reboot of Father of the Bride, Diego Boneta shares more than one on-camera meal with Hollywood icons like Gloria Estefan and Andy García. But the 31-year-old actor says there was one dish on set that reigns supreme as the most delicious.

"It was a fun movie to shoot and we had a blast," he says. "But when they made the ropa vieja (shredded beef and vegetables named for its red sauce and resemblance to old rags), which is a Cuban dish, and we tried it, it was absolutely delicious. I'd say that was the one thing that stood out for sure."

When he's not acting out celebratory family dinners on set, Boneta says he has more "simple" tastes.

"There's nothing like a good quesadilla," he says. "I'm a big fan of quesadillas, it's something so easy and so good"

His favorite quesadilla ingredients? "Cheese," he shares. "Sometimes cheese and ham. But the key is the sauce — the salsa verde."

Boneta was born in Mexico, and grew up eating meals cooked by his mother and grandmother. "Having grown up in Mexico City, food was everything," he shares. "My mom is an amazing cook and so was my grandmother, who was Spanish. We grew up eating a lot of Spanish and Mexican food. My mom makes the best salsa verde (a tomatillo-based sauce with green chiles), which is incredible, and great cochinita pibil (a slow-roasted barbecued pork) which is another Mexican dish."

And then, there's the beloved snack food from his youth that he still craves. "This isn't a fancy dish or anything — but in Mexico we'd do this thing where we used regular Lay's chips and put sauces on them like Valentina and Cholula and some lime," he says. "That's like the best snack food there is and something I still do to this day. We call is papitas preparadas."

"We dump [the hot sauce] it on top [of the chips] and it's super super Mexican," he adds. "It's like the best snack food. I'm telling you this and my mouth is watering."

Boneta spoke with Yahoo Life as part of his work promoting the California Milk Processor Board, creators of the iconic Got milk? ads, as part of the organization's "Get Real" campaign.

"I know how important it is to separate my roles from who I really am and having friends and family around me who keep me real," Boneta said in a press release about the collaboration. "I've found success being true to myself. I grew up drinking real milk and love that the campaign stands for being real."

Boneta tells Yahoo Life that, as a kid who grew up watching Got Milk? ads, the partnership felt like the perfect fit. "I've always been a big milk fan — especially whole milk," he says. "There was a little bit of time when I was training with someone who made me drink unpasteurized milk, which was a little intense. But I love milk and felt very flattered to be a part of this."

Boneta tells Yahoo life he didn't really wax his chest for this promo shot in his Got Milk? campaign. (Photo: California Milk Processor Board)
Boneta tells Yahoo life he didn't really wax his chest for this promo shot in his Got Milk? campaign. (Photo: California Milk Processor Board)

His favorite ways to enjoy pasteurized whole milk? "Milkshakes," he says. "Chocolate is my favorite. I also love chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk ... and obviously milk in my coffee."

The former Scream Queens star says when he cooks for himself, he leans on simple proteins like chicken or salmon, paired with a salad. And, of course ... "Quesadillas. I love quesadillas."

So, are there any foods Boneta doesn't like? Turns out, he's not much of a garnish guy.

"I'm not a big fan of olives," he admits. "The same thing with the cucumbers that come on a burger — pickles? I'm not a big fan of those."

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