I Ranked All 10 Of Universal Orlando Resort's Haunted Houses — Here's Which Ones You *Need* To Check Out

If you're one of those people who's been in the Halloween spirit since August, I'm so thrilled to tell you that spooky time is officially here!!!! And to celebrate, Halloween Horror Nights has made its triumphant return to Universal Orlando Resort. And as a horror fan myself, I jumped at the chance to head to Florida when BuzzFeed was invited to get a sneak peek at all the houses."

the author at the entrance
Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

For the record, it took me about three and a half hours to get through all 10 haunted houses and see the five scare zones with the guided R.I.P. walking tour. Also, on opening night, it absolutely downpoured, but hey! We made it through! 🤪🤪

Editor's Note: BuzzFeed was provided this experience free of charge but was under no obligation to give a positive review.

So, without further ado, here's what I thought about all the houses this year...

10.Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

chucky doll

9.The Darkest Deal

Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

What it's about: Down in the Mississippi Delta, blues musician Pinestraw Spruce finds himself at a crossroads with an evil entity, known as The Collector, who provides him with an offer he can't refuse: his soul for musical glory.

General thoughts: This one was SO cool to walk through, the swampy aesthetic just added to the whole creepy vibe of this house. This one was another really dark one (literally), so there were a few moments where I actually jumped when a scary masked man suddenly appeared two inches away from my face. Because of the storyline for this one, we got to catch a few glimpses of Pinestraw onstage, which for me, felt like mini breaks in between the scary bits.

Scare rating: 6/10

Creativity rating: 8/10

8.Dr. Oddfellow's Twisted Origins

man waiting around in a top hat and suit

7.Universal Monsters: Unmasked

person in a scary mask holding a sword

6.Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate

scary demon coming out

5.Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings

What it's about: The house centers around a group of colonial-era villagers who begin to obsessively worship the moon. When a Blood Moon rises at their fall festival, they take that as a sign to hunt down any non-followers in their village.  General thoughts: I'm a big fan of cult-y things so I was very, very excited for this one, and I was not disappointed. One scene that I literally can't stop thinking about was being chased down the aisle of this creepy church, with several people sitting in the pews beside me and just being terrified to see which one was gonna jump out at me. Also, this one is not for the faint of heart, it's basically blood and gore central.Scare rating: 8/10Creativity rating: 10/10

4.YETI: Campground Kills

What it's about: Set in a 1950s campground, a group of yetis are running free, brutally murdering campers, rangers, and literally anyone that crosses their path. In this haunted house, you have to make it past the yetis and to the ranger tower before it's too late. General thoughts: This was such a fun one, and so creative. I truly didn't realize how big a yeti was until one came up right behind me and scared the living crap out of me. I was definitely on edge the entire walk through this one, especially with the constant growling and screaming in the air.  Scare rating: 8/10Creativity rating: 10/10

3.Stranger Things 4

Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

What it's about: This house transports you straight into Hawkins, Indiana for a thrilling adventure through the most iconic moments of Season 4. You'll encounter everything from the chaos of the Upside Down, Dr. Brenner's lab, and will even get the chance to meet Vecna himself.

General thoughts: As a fan of Stranger Things, I absolutely LOVED this one! It was so true to Season 4 and TBH, I got so emotional seeing all the Eddie Munson scenes. And as someone who isn't scared while watching the show, I got too overconfident that no one in this house would ever be able to scare me, and then Vecna humbled me so badly.

Scare rating: 8/10

Creativity rating: 10/10

2.The Exorcist: Believer

What it's about: This haunted house serves as a trailer for the movie The Exorcist: Believer, which comes to theaters Oct. 6. In this new chapter of the iconic franchise, you're thrown into a busy street market in Haiti, where the purchase of a strange three-eyed doll opens a demonic portal and unleashes a gaggle of sinister spirits which results in the disappearance of two 12-year-old girls in the US. Three days later, the girls are found but have no memory of what happened to them and start exhibiting some very, very strange behavior. You know, the kind of behavior that only an exorcism can cure. General thoughts: I absolutely loved this maze. Similarly to the others, I tried to go in anticipating everything, but the jump scares seriously got me here. Like, one of the scare actors (a demon-possessed little girl holding a giant pair of scissors, of course) got so close to me that I thought I, too, was gonna die. I literally couldn't wait to get far, far away from there.  Scare rating: 9/10Creativity rating: 9/10

1.The Last of Us

What it's about: The iconic video game comes to life for the first time ever with this The Last of Us haunted house. As you journey through the carnage, expect to come face to face with some of the gnarliest fungal-growing creatures, known as the Infected. Also, Joel and Ellie appear throughout this maze with all new dialogue recorded by TLOU voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.General thoughts: I was so pumped for this house and it absolutely exceeded expectations. It felt like I was truly inside the game and I now know that is definitely not a place where I need to be!! The jump scares were fast and frequent, I could barely recover from one before another came along. Like, getting up close and personal with a bloater?! That's gonna be a big ol' nope from me!!! Scare rating: 10/10Creativity rating: 10/10

Dare to check them out for yourself? Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort runs now through Nov. 4.

And if you can't make the trip down to Orlando, check out tickets for Universal Hollywood here.