Dickson praises medicinal cannabis change

Stuart Layt

Queensland One Nation MP Steve Dickson says the federal government's move to make it easier to access medicinal cannabis vindicates his decision to jump ship to the minor party.

Mr Dickson defected from the Liberal Nation Party in January, claiming his concerns about access to medicinal cannabis weren't being listened to.

Federal health minister Greg Hunt announced on Wednesday changes allowing importers to stockpile medicinal cannabis instead of importing it on a case-by-case basis, which greatly reduces the time it takes for sick people to begin treatment.

Mr Dickson, who now a crossbencher, says his defection was the catalyst for One Nation leader Pauline Hanson lobbying the prime minister and getting results.

"I feel vindicated for what I've done, I feel relief for so many families in Australia and right throughout Queensland," he told ABC Radio.

"Senator Pauline Hanson has lobbied the prime minister continually and constantly, no other MPs in this country have done what I believe Senator Hanson and myself have done."

The Member for Buderim said he couldn't have achieved the same result if he'd remained in the LNP.

"They would have continued to sit back and laugh, as they laughed at me in the cabinet room."

Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls on Wednesday again rejected suggestions the party hadn't listened to Mr Dickson while he was still in the party.

"Steve Dickson was all about Steve Dickson, we're all about putting Queensland jobs first," Mr Nicholls told reporters on the Sunshine Coast.

"I think the people of Buderim have been ratted on by Steve Dickson. He got elected under the LNP banner, he supported LNP policies but when the going got tough, Steve got going."

Mr Nicholls also denied the LNP was struggling to find a candidate to challenge Mr Disckson for Buderim at the next state election, saying they have "a great field of candidates" and the party is committed to regaining the seat.