Diamonds target clean sweep of England

Australia coach Stacey Marinkovich wants a complete performance and a clean sweep of England in the final match of their netball series in Brisbane.

The Diamonds and Roses clash at Nissan Arena on Thursday night with the hosts already ahead 2-nil.

The coach, with next year's World Cup on her long-term horizon, is looking for a collective team performance and says the squad had achieved that at stages in the last two series against England and New Zealand but "haven't nailed it yet".

"We want to make sure we are playing our best netball at the end of competitions," Marinkovich said.

"We've talked about areas of growth we want to achieve in this last game, so it is not done yet.

"It is the consistency of delivery of our attack and defence at the same time (that needs improving). When we are accumulating pressure we want to be rewarding it. When we are struggling defensively we want to be able to assist at the other end."

Marinkovich has mentored the side to great heights. The Diamonds have enjoyed a superb twelve months, winning the Quad Series, Constellation Cup and the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

With the next world cup in South Africa starting in July 2023, Marinkovich does not want the squad to rest on what they have achieved saying they still had improvement in them.

"There is certainly another level we can achieve," she said.

"We were just having a meeting about how we finish off this (England) series. There is a real honesty around the group about where we stand and where there are inconsistencies.

"There is another level to grow and I think everyone understands the commitment it takes to get that performance.

"Once you are a Diamond you are a Diamond throughout the season so it is not just what they do in our environment it is now how they drive a higher standard in SSN (Super Netball) and behaviours outside of this environment."