Devastating story behind photo of dog at grave

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A grieving pet dog has refused to leave its owner's grave for the last two months even while being lashed with rain from a typhoon.

The soaked pooch was seen when Filipina resident Sam Dean visited the cemetery to lay flowers with her family in Manila in the Philippines on October 25.

Typhoon Molave was hammering the country – but the dog was unconcerned with the weather and stayed perched on a rusty gate with its head bowed in sadness.

The woman tried to give the male dog some food to tempt it away to shelter but it ate the snacks and went back to its graveside spot.

Sam asked the cemetery caretaker and found out through a woman who lives there that the dog had been staying by its dead owner's grave after they died in August this year.

The dog has been sitting at its owner's grave for two months. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

"I am saddened after seeing the poor dog alone there. I was scared to touch the dog in case it was aggressive, so we just let it be after giving food. It did not want to leave and it didn't want attention,” Ms Dean said.

Despite the rainy weather, the heartbroken dog stood still beside the grave and never left to find shelter.

Typhoon Molave caused severe storms with heavy rain, flooding and wind across the country leaving at least 16 people dead.

The Philippines has a long-standing tradition of visiting their dead relatives in cemeteries, locally called “Undas”, during the All Saint’s Day.

However, during the pandemic, visitors had to be limited compared with previous years where people arrive by the thousands. The cemeteries will also be closed during Undas to prevent people gathering.


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