Desperate search for injured cat seen bleeding heavily on window sill

A Sydney community has banded together in their desperate search for a badly injured cat that was last seen heavily bleeding on a window ledge.

Newtown resident Claire Hudson took to a local Facebook group on Tuesday to share an image of the cat that had found solace on the ledge at a nearby home on Pearl Street.

In the photo, blood can be seen dripping down the wall as the cat sits coiled up against the window.

Ms Hudson pleaded with the public to try and help locate the wounded pet after it fled from a resident as they tried to assess its injuries.

The cat visibly in distress as it sat on the window. It was bleeding badly before fleeing the scene when a resident tried to help. Source: Facebook

Ms Hudson believes the cat was struck by a passing car and is badly injured.

Dozens of Good Samaritans responded to her post offering their support, with several heading down to the street where it was last seen to scour gardens and under cars.

While they searched tirelessly around the surrounding streets, their hunt for the cat proved fruitless.

There is also no sign of the cat’s owner.

While several reported finding spots of blood on the road and pavement, they were unable to locate the cat.

Local Skye Russell was of the people who headed down to help find the cat on Tuesday before returning on Wednesday.

The cat is believed to be hiding somewhere along Pearl Street at Newtown. Source: Google Maps

She told Yahoo News Australia she spoke with the homeowner where the cat was initially positioned who explained he tried to bring the cat to safety by opening his window, but had failed.

“I hope someone finds the cat to get it the help it needs,” Ms Russell said.

Calls to all the vets in the area by volunteers also failed to provide any breakthroughs.

One woman urged the search party to check all dark, hidden spots as injured cats often head to secluded areas.

The community’s search for the cat continues as concerns grow over its welfare due to the severity of its injuries.

The Cat Protection Society of NSW, whose office is located nearby in Newtown, told Yahoo News Australia they had not received any reports of the injured cat or its whereabouts.

Anyone who finds the injured cat is urged to contact the RSPCA.

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