Derry Girls star Louisa Harland on how the show helped her get Renegade Nell role

Derry Girls' Louisa Harland might be hilarious and talented but she thinks other factors also came into play when she landed her newest role in Renegade Nell.

The actress, who plays the lead in the new Disney+ series, shared details of the audition process, which coincided with the filming of Derry Girls. She felt her professional schedule helped cinch the deal by making her appear busy.

"I think it helped that I couldn't fly over to London for any recalls because I was filming. It was a good look – 'she's busy'," Harland told The Guardian.

louisa harland, the ballad of renegade nell

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Harland quickly became a fan-favourite for her role as the quirky Orla McCool in Derry Girls. The show took seven months to cast, according to creator Lisa McGee, as they had to find the right chemistry between the girls.

On her iconic role, Harland said: "Of course I would have taken that part, I would have taken any part, it was just a bonus that it was brilliant, with great people, and people liked it."

Now, the actress is taking on an entirely different challenge in the action-adventure fantasy series Renegade Nell. Harland will be swapping the school uniform for 18th-century garb as she portrays the most notorious highwaywoman in England.

louisa harland, the ballad of renegade nell

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After being framed for murder, Nell must avoid all those who seek to capture her. Promising lots of gore and violence, Harland explained: "It's a 12, which means no swearing or nipples but loads of blood and guts and violence.

"That's not the official definition. I've just realised that's what a 12 means," she added.

The star-studded cast also features Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed, Fear the Walking Dead's Frank Dillane, Line of Duty star Craig Parkinson, Trigger Point's Adrian Lester and Joely Richardson.

Renegade Nell premieres on Disney+ on March 29, 2024.

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