Derek Jeter will get 'The Last Dance' treatment with his own 6-part documentary series at ESPN

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ESPN's "The Last Dance" gave basketball fans the inside story behind the Chicago Bulls' dynasty, and the motivations — both personal and professional — that propelled Michael Jordan to legendary status during his career. A new documentary series from ESPN will attempt to do the same with New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter.

ESPN announced Tuesday a six-part documentary series on Jeter. The series, titled "The Captain," is expected to air in 2022.

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The Jeter series will focus on his career, retirement, role with the Miami Marlins and his duties as a father, according to ESPN's release. Emmy-winning director Randy Wilkins will helm the project. Spike Lee is listed as an executive producer. 

Can Jeter documentary live up to 'The Last Dance'?

Comparing the Jeter documentary to "The Last Dance" is unfair, but it's going to happen given the subjects and ESPN's role in delivering the stories. Jordan's series was fun because it told a compelling story focused on his final year with the Bulls. It included engaging personalities and outrageous stories that could only be confirmed by the parties involved.

It's possible Jeter's documentary series goes in that direction, though that could be asking a lot. Jeter was known as a private guy who rarely provided the media with controversial statements or answers. Some of Jeter's teammates could inject more personality to the project, but none of them can hold a candle to Dennis Rodman.

Making Jeter as appealing as Jordan could be challenging, but that's a high standard. It will be interesting to see how Jeter is portrayed, and whether he's willing to shed his demeanor as a player to deliver scandalous, exciting, never-before-heard stories from his career.

If not that, then a whole episode where Jeter gives his true feelings on Alex Rodriguez will suffice. 

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