Derailment operation continues


Emergency crews are continuing the clean-up operation in heavy rain after a freight train derailment in mid northern Queensland.

Around 200,000 litres of sulfuric acid and diesel fuel were spilled when all 26 carriages overturned at the Quarrells site, 20km east of Julia Creek, on Sunday.

A 2km exclusion zone remains in place after Queensland Police declared an emergency situation.

Three men are believed to have been injured in the accident.

Queensland Rail said it has been unable to access the site to investigate what caused the derailment because of flooding.

"Emergency services attended the scene, however, Queensland Rail crews have been unable to access the site as the Flinders Highway is currently cut off due to flooding in the region.

"Safety is Queensland Rails number one priority and we are investigating the cause of the incident and will work closely with relevant authorities on the environmental response as required.

"The extent of damage to the track is yet to be determined but it is expected the track will remain closed for several days."

Inlander passenger services as well as freight trains will be affected.