How can of deodorant caused explosion in teen's bathroom

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A teenager has been seriously injured after a deodorant can led to a freak explosion at her Queensland home.

Ayla Good, 18, from Brisbane, was having a candlelit bath with her partner last Wednesday when she got out and opened the bathroom door.

She was faced with a huge explosion that lifted the ceiling in her Mount Gravatt East home.

The 18-year-old’s legs were covered in second degree burns. Source: Facebook/ Ayla Good

The teen was oblivious to a deodorant can which was leaking after becoming jammed inside the cupboard while she filled the bath.

Firefighters have labelled it the “perfect storm”, which would be almost impossible to recreate.

“With the steam in the bathroom it somewhat suppressed the vapours to floor level and all it needed was that oxygen when she opened the bathroom door,” Queensland firefighter Damien Atkins said.

Ms Good is potentially facing a skin graft for her burnt legs. The blast blew the roof of her home’s roof (right). Source: Facebook/ Ayla Good

Ms Good took to Facebook to reveal graphic images of her injuries and explain her horrifying ordeal.

“The entire bathroom lit up, the ceiling exploded, metal bars bent, it was incredibly loud and the feeling of that heat was indescribable,” she wrote.

After calling emergency services she was rushed to hospital, spending “the next three hours in absolute agony” with second degree burns covering both her legs.

The 18-year-old said the pain was unbearable. Source: Facebook/ Ayla Good
Even Ms Good’s cat, Winter was caught up in the blast, burning her fur and whiskers. Source: Facebook/ Ayla Good

Ms Good is now on the road to recovery but has been forced to take weeks off work to recover. She faces a nervous wait to see if she will need a skin graft to cover her wounds.

She says her cat, Winter, who suffered burnt fur and whiskers from the explosion, is to thank for raising the alarm at the door.

“If Winter didn’t meow and if I didn’t get out of the bath to move her, we would’ve stayed in there for 20, maybe even 30 minutes,” she said.

“There would’ve been far more gas from the deodorant can which would’ve caused a far bigger explosion, one we most likely wouldn’t have escaped from it.”