Democratic Senator Counters Biden Concerns With Blunt Take On 'Incoherent' Trump

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) questioned why no one’s “asking about” former President Donald Trump’s outlandish statements as the Democratic Party deals with talk surrounding President Joe Biden and whether he serve as nominee.

Coons told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday that people shouldn’t set the “stakes too high” over Biden’s upcoming press conference and remarked on the president’s recent public appearances before pointing to his Republican opponent.

“Donald Trump may have given many more press conferences. But look at what he did. On that debate stage, just two weeks ago, he unleashed a torrent of lies and invectives,” said Coons, who noted that CNN found Trump making more than 30 false claims.

“But bluntly, in a lot of those press conferences, and in a lot of his campaign rallies now, he is saying bizarre and incoherent things.”

Coons proceeded to cite a recent conversation with an unnamed head of state in Europe.

“[They] said how is it possible that former President Trump is rambling on about electrocution by sharks and exploding pine trees and — you know this — at rallies and public events, and no one’s asking about it? And people seem only concerned about the current president,” Coons said.

He continued, “We’ve got two candidates. When Donald Trump was president, we had four bad years. Joe Biden had one bad debate night. But he’s had three-and-a-half great years of accomplishing good things for our country.”

Coons later took to social media to reiterate his message of support along with the phrase, “Don’t count Joe out.”