'Democracy is not in good health,' says Pope Francis

'Democracy is not in good health,' says Pope Francis

Pope Francis said global democracy was “not in good health” as he encouraged Catholics to work for peace in Ukraine, Palestine and other conflict zones.

His comments came during a visit to the northern Italian city of Trieste on Sunday, which marked the 50th Social Week of Italian Catholics. This year, he addressed the theme of democracy in crisis.

As part of the trip, he went to the Generali Convention Centre, where the leader of the Catholic Church addressed the state of global democracy and its functionality.

“Let’s be honest, in today’s world democracy is not in good health,” Francis said.

“I am concerned about the small number of people who voted,” he continued, stressing the importance of creating conditions that allow everyone to express themselves and participate in the democratic process.

“Indifference is a cancer to democracy, a non-participation.”

The pope addressed 8,500 people gathered in the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, urging them to renew their commitment to pray and work for peace in Ukraine, Palestine, Sudan, Myanmar and wherever there is war.