Australia Post delivery drivers filmed using man's lawn as shortcut

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Posties have been caught on security cameras taking shortcuts through a man’s front lawn, and on one occasion busting his water meter out of the ground.

The man, from Prestons in southwest Sydney, has filmed drivers in three separate instances using his front lawn to either cut a corner or make a convenient beeline to his driveway.

The most recent postie to use the man’s lawn as a thoroughfare was a rider on an Australia Post three-wheel motorised scooter on Monday last week.

The resident and his wife have been working from home, and happened to spot the sneaky postie cut through their property on three security cameras.

Last week this postie cut through the man's front yard. Source: Supplied

“It’s amazing when you’re working home and have cameras on in the background what you capture,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

He suspected there had been several other instances of people using his lawn for things they shouldn’t be, contributing to there being noticeable tyre marks through the grass.

“My wife has been working in our home office during COVID-19. The cameras are up on the Mac [computer] and she has seen this happen on serval occasions,” he said.

“It just so happened I was working from home last week and I had the cameras up on my personal laptop and sure enough, what I did see but our little postie taking a shortcut across our lawn.”

This was not the first time the couple had been victim to a delivery driver doing the wrong thing in their front yard, with the driver of a StarTrack courier van damaging the property’s water meter in 2018.

Just after 2pm on September 9, that year the driver was filmed cutting across the lawn to get to the driveway, which was not obstructed by anything that could have prevented his access at the time.

Footage from that day showed the driver walk over to where the property’s water meter had been pulled from the ground, inspect it briefly, then return to his car.

The resident told Yahoo News Australia that he complained to Australia Post, which owns Star Track, but it wasn’t until after he shared footage to Facebook that a technician was sent to his house to fix the damaged property.

He said an Australia Post employee informed him the driver responsible had also been suspended from work for a period of time.

“I was shocked to think this was going on and thought it was lazy on the drivers’ behalf to drive around onto the driveway,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

This vehicle was filmed appearing to run over and damage the property's water meter in 2018. Source: Supplied

Security footage from July of the same year showed a StarTrack vehicle using the same shortcut, but on that occasion narrowly avoiding the water meter.

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the company resolved the 2018 matter, and was working to do the same for the latest incident.

“Australia Post is aware of both of these incidents and we took steps to resolve the 2018 issue at the time. We’ve since been in contact with the customer to apologise and have taken appropriate actions on the more recent issue,” they said. 

“If a customer has concerns about their delivery service, we encourage them to contact us on 13 POST so that we can investigate.”

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