Delivery driver's disturbing act at customer's front gate

A delivery driver has been sacked after footage appeared to show him urinating on a customer's front gate – who claimed “it probably splashed on her parcel”.

Kate Wilson had been alerted to the issue after being greeted by a “pungent” smell and a puddle of what she thought might be dog urine next to her parcel outside her house.

"I could see it all splashed up the gate and like a puddle where you have to walk through. I thought 'eurgh, I don't know what that is – whether a dog's done it or something like that',“ she said.

Checking her security camera, the 35-year-old “felt sick” upon discovering footage of the “disrespectful” behaviour of the Yodel delivery driver outside her home in Kent, UK, on October 31.

The shocking video shows a man wearing a hi-vis Yodel vest arriving with the delivery. When there is no answer he puts the parcel down and looks around to check nobody is nearby.

A Yodel driver has been sacked after footage appeared to show him urinating on a customer's front gate. Source: Kennedy News and Media

The delivery man then unzips his trousers and appears to relieve himself while tilting himself towards the gate and the bush next to it – while Kate's parcel of clothes sits on the ground.

He then moves to face the gate, appearing to keep his left hand on his zipper, and bends to pick up the parcel, holding it with dirty hands while he taps on a device.

"I felt sick and I rang my partner at work and said, 'I can't believe what I've just got on the camera and what he's done’,” Ms Wilson said.

Her partner told her there may be “splashes” on her parcel because of how close the Yodel driver had urinated.

"I unwrapped the parcel, threw all that away, took a bucket of disinfectant water out there and chucked it all up the gate and all over the ground,” Ms Wilson said.

The woman claimed it was a hygiene issue and he “could have gone up the alley, which my house is right next to – he didn't make any attempt to do that”.

"He didn't wash his hands, he touched himself, then he's picking up the thing that you have to sign,” she said.

Most shockingly, a neighbour claims the man did it to their gate too – leaving Kate speculating that it could have been “some kind of fetish”.

"In a way I didn't know if it was some kind of fetish. You just don't know with people, do you? But I don't want that there. Three steps to the right and he's up the alley," she said.

Kate Wilson checked her security camera after she came home to a 'pungent' smell next to her parcel outside her house. Source: Kennedy News and Media

"The main thing I think is it's just disrespectful. If he was that desperate, you go somewhere else. It's dirty, you're not washing your hands and why do it against someone's gate?”

Yodel said the driver's action “clearly does not meet the high standards we expect” and he has been “removed from our business”.

Ms Wilson said she tried to contact Yodel several times before they responded.

“I tried to get on the phone to Yodel, and that takes a long, long time to try and get through to anyone. I was cut off twice,” she said.

Yodel said they have fired the driver who was filmed urinating on a customers door step. Source: Twitter/Yodel

Yodel contacted her to apologise, offered to send someone to clean the gate and informed her the driver was no longer working with them but Ms Wilson said it was too late and she had already cleaned the gate.

“I already did that straight away – it's not something you just leave,” she said.

Yodel chief operating officer Carl Moore said they have taken the incident seriously and have apologised to Ms Wilson.

"We engage in training with our drivers on a regular basis to ensure that we can provide the best customer experience and service we can,” Mr Moore said.

"The individual involved was investigated and has been removed from our business.”

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