Delivery driver caught throwing boxes of antiques down stairs

A careless delivery driver has been caught out throwing hundreds of dollars’ worth of antiques down a staircase.

Patrick Duffy had been eagerly awaiting the delivery of china and porcelain after spending more than AUD$850 on eBay, but when the packages finally arrived at his property in the UK town of Bradford, the driver decided he didn’t want to waste time carrying them down the 12 stairs to his front door.  

CCTV shows the Yodel employee launching two large boxes down the stairs before he is caught out by Mr Duffy, who was working on a nearby garden.

The driver then attempts to carefully stack the remaining boxes and walk them down the stairs.

“It was absolutely disgusting. I watched as he took the boxes out of the back and threw them down the flight of 12 stairs without any care,” Mr Duffy told the Mercury Press.

CCTV showed the Yodel delivery driver launching the items down the stairs of the Bradford property. Source: Caters
Mr Duffy can be seen confronting the Yodel driver after tossing the parcels down the stairs. Source: Caters

The 68-year-old caretaker said he confronted the driver, who showed little remorse for his actions.

“I got the impression he knew straight away what he’d done when I shouted him to stop. The only reason he stopped throwing them was because he saw me,” he added.

“He just said ‘open them and if there’s any damage I’ll take them back.’ I refused to let him take anything back and instead contacted Yodel myself.”

He said one of the antique plates was shattered across the top but the more expensive items survived the rough handling.

The driver’s employer Yodel says it has apologised to Patrick and has taken “appropriate action” following the incident.

Yahoo7 News has contacted Yodel for comment.