For A Deliciously Juicy Burger, Add A Splash Of Your Favorite Broth

Burger patties on the grill
Burger patties on the grill - Breakingthewalls/Getty Images

Juicy burgers are the best burgers. There are plenty of elements that make up the perfect burger, from a fluffy bun to just the right amount of cheese, but the star of the show is always the meat itself. If your burger patties are dry, no amount of condiments will be able to save them. The easiest way to avoid a dry burger is to use high-fat beef, meaning anything 90% lean or above should be avoided. But whether you're looking for a lower-fat option or you just want even more juice in those high-fat patties, there is one secret trick to the juiciest burger: Add broth into the cooking process.

You might have heard of the ice cube burger hack, namely topping each patty with an ice cube when you put it on the grill. Now, though, we're upping the ante even more: Swap that ice cube for a frozen cube of chicken or beef broth and let it melt and seep into your patty while it cooks. If you don't have time to freeze the broth, just pour a small amount over the top. In a pinch, Worcestershire sauce works here, too.

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Build Juicier Burgers With The Addition Of Broth

Burger patties on the grill
Burger patties on the grill - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When burgers cook on the grill, the fat and other juices cook along with them, bringing out plenty of flavor and ensuring your guests won't bite into a dry-as-a-bone patty. The juicier the better, though, so adding the frozen cube of broth is only going to create even more flavor. To keep things slightly healthier, opt for a low-sodium broth to reduce the salt content. As the burger cooks, the frozen cube melts, infusing the burger with greater flavor.

This trick also helps when you're working with beef that's extremely lean; you have to be careful that it doesn't dry out too quickly (which is easy with so little fat), so the broth trick is a great way to do this without introducing additional fat into the burger. Another way to keep the burger juicy is to time the cooking well — overcooking will eliminate all that great flavor.

Tips For Creating The Juiciest Burgers

Two burgers on wooden board
Two burgers on wooden board - Arx0nt/Getty Images

Outside of the fat percentage and the broth trick, there are a few other ways to make sure your burger patties impress the guests. The biggest one is to look but don't touch. Once those patties make their way onto the grill, avoid pressing them down at all costs. Unless you're making a smash burger using Gordon Ramsay's technique, which requires flatting the burger the moment it hits the grill top (and before it cooks through), you shouldn't be touching the burger at all except just once to flip it. That's because when you press down on the burger, those juices get released, and if you're working on a grill with grates, all of that flavor will fall out of the burger and right through the grate cracks, never to be seen again.

Make sure to let the burgers rest, too. Those juices fall to the center as the patty cooks and need time to redistribute, ensuring a juicy bite every time; give the burgers a good five minutes off the grill before digging in. Pro tip: Add the cheese as soon as you remove the patties. By the time it's melted and the other toppings are added, the burgers will be ready to eat.

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