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Delicious Pudding Shots Are The Best Way To Drink Your Dessert

chocolate pudding in shot glasses with cinnamon
chocolate pudding in shot glasses with cinnamon - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Adding a splash of alcohol to dessert is nothing new — some theories even suggest that the first alcoholic Jell-O drink was made all the way back in the 1800s. While the heyday of Jell-O shots has come and gone, a slight variation is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. These alcoholic desserts are easy to make and feel more decadent by design.

A pudding shot is a creamy alternative to the Jell-O shot. It's a silky-smooth dessert that tastes far more potent than it actually is. The understated hues of pudding may not be as vibrant as those of Jell-O, but that's okay. The softer colors add a touch of elegance to this hybrid drink-dessert, especially when served in ornate glasses. Alternatively, pudding shots can be served in disposable plastic cups, making them perfect for quick consumption at more raucous parties. In essence, this versatile dessert can be tailored to suit the occasion.

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What You Need To Make Pudding Shots

chocolate pudding in shot glass with whipped cream
chocolate pudding in shot glass with whipped cream - Tomophafan/Shutterstock

Part of the fun of making pudding shots is that there are very few limits on what you can create. You start with a pudding flavor as the base and build upon it however you like. For instance, you can craft a chocolaty dessert, a fruity cup, a sweet treat, and more. Optional additions include cookie crumbs, whipped cream, syrup, sprinkles, fruit slices, or anything else that matches the theme. When you handcraft your pudding shots with attention to detail, they can be suitable for nearly any occasion.

To make a pudding shot, you only need a few ingredients and the ability to stir or whip. Generally, most recipes call for instant pudding, cold milk, alcohol, whipping cream, and an optional topping or garnish.

Surprisingly, the typical pudding shot is not very potent. Even if you add a shot or two of alcohol to the recipe, you're usually creating a dozen or more servings. This means you may have to consume several desserts to ingest the equivalent of just one shot of alcohol.

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