Deer lost at sea circled by great white shark

A researcher in the US has managed to save a deer from a shark after finding it swimming in the ocean.

Sean Van Sommeran was conducting field work on a long-term shark study when he came across a deer swimming in a bay in California on May 9.

Mr Van Sommeran said while seeing a deer swimming in the ocean is a rare occurrence, it’s the second time he’s seen one. He also decided to film the animal.

A deer was filmed swimming in a Californian bay while a shark lurked nearby. Source: Storyful

In the video, he wrote a shark was swimming behind his boat and added although it was orbiting the boat and the deer, it at no point approached, but “monitored the scene from nearby”.

The deer is seen swimming in front of the skiff. Mr Van Sommeran decided to move the craft between the shark and the deer. He said he wasn’t concerned about the shark attacking but didn’t want to “create a scene that may lend itself to shark hysteria or horrify beachgoers”.

The researcher begins to head to shore to escort the deer. A shark’s tail is seen underwater.

A shark swims below the surface. Source: Storyful

He added while the shark “did not appear to be stalking or closing with the deer” at this point, what he and the deer were doing did attract its attention.

Luckily, he and the deer managed to escape uninjured.

Mr Van Sommeran later told the Sacramento Bee he believed the shark was a great white and estimates it was an adolescent about 2.7 metres long.

He told the San Francisco Gate last year the population of sharks in the area is mostly young pups “who really are just kind of lounging around”. 

“They don’t seem to be in the hunting mode when we’re observing them here,” he said.

The deer heads for the shore. Source: Storyful