Tackle every room in your house with these deep cleaning tips

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Spring is finally here — and the change in season is a perfect time to refresh and revitalize your home. From simple home updates that will make a big difference to deep cleaning tips, Everything Awaits you at Canadian Tire.

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We know you’re spring cleaning — but are you really spring cleaning?

While spring cleaning for some means decluttering and paring down your belongings, it should also mean giving your home the deep clean it deserves.

You might think your home is already spick and span. After all, there’s no visible mold growing on your walls and your floors seem sparkling clean. But what you may not notice are all the nooks and crannies that haven’t seen a duster or a soapy sponge in ages, not to mention the grime building up in places you might not always think about.

Yup — we’re talking about your blinds, the interior of your cupboards and drawers, behind your fridge, the grout in your bathroom... and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With warmer, brighter days just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to create a fresh, airy space that you and your family can kick back and relax in. Give every room in your home a well-deserved spring refresh with these deep cleaning tips and tricks that’ll have your home looking brand new.

The bathroom

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Photo via Getty Images

Let's start where things can get really grimy and dirty. The bathroom and kitchen typically need the most frequent deep cleanings because rooms where water accumulates and idles are susceptible to mould and grime.

Spray a multi-purpose cleaner like Vim Power & Shine Spray Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaner on all bathroom surfaces and give it a few minutes to break up the dirt and grime. While you’re waiting, wipe down other surfaces like fixtures, windows and mirrors with a microfibre cloth and Windex. FRANK All Purpose Microfibre Cloth, 20-pk are excellent cleaning tools because they can be effective wet or dry and won’t leave lint on your surfaces.

You’ll want to give your tub and tiles some extra TLC by using a brush to carefully clean out all the grout, soap scum and dirt that accumulates. The last step is to launder your shower curtain, bath mat and towels.

The kitchen

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Photo via Getty Images

Anywhere food is prepared, cooked and served warrants frequent deep cleanings. The kitchen may seem like a daunting room to tackle but it’s also the most satisfying room to clean, if you ask us. Start by using a damp reusable cloth to wipe down kitchen cabinets and remove greasier spots with a bit of vinegar solution. For other surfaces, Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser is a gentle option and can also be used safely to clean tile, stainless steel and glass cooktops. Don’t forget to give your range hood a thorough clean as it tends to accumulate layers of grease.

As you clean out your cabinets, vacuum inside to remove dust and lingering food crumbs. Fridge coils and vents also need to be cleaned once in a while and you can do this by utilizing your vacuum’s brush extension. One of the best vacuums on the market is the Miele HX1 3-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum, which features extraordinary suction and transforms into a hand vac for smaller cleaning jobs.

Finally, we encourage you to give your fridge a thorough wipe down with the same multi-purpose cleaner. Because your fridge and sink regularly come into contact with raw meat, give it a final pass with the PhoneSpa Mini UV-C Sterilizer Wand, which is proven to kill 99% of germs and bacteria.

The living room

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The living room requires less deep cleaning but that doesn’t mean dust and grime don’t accumulate. To start, use a duster to wipe all surfaces and vacuum thoroughly. If you can’t reach your light fixtures and the tops of cabinets, you could use your vacuum extension.

For carpets and furniture, use a specialized vacuum like the Bissell Pet Pro Compact Extractor and spot cleaner formula combo to deodorize and refresh your upholstery and carpet.

Wipe down all the spots you might not clean on a regular basis like your blinds, baseboards and even your ceiling fan. If you really want to get fancy, purchase a wood cleaner like Orange Glo Wood Polish & Conditioner and polish your wood furniture and wood accents. This product also shines up hardwood floors like a charm.

The bedroom

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Photo via Getty Images

When was the last time you gave your bedroom a deep clean? Even though we spend several hours a night sleeping, it’s easy to forget how much time we really spend in our bedrooms — and how skin, dander and pet hair can accumulate, even if we don’t notice it. Dust, vacuum and wipe down any surface you don’t regularly pay attention to.

Since you spend so much time in it, it’s also necessary to put some extra focus on your bed.

It’s good practice to flip your mattress once a season — and after you do that, you can give it a D.I.Y. deep clean without paying hundreds of dollars for an expensive treatment. Start by vacuuming the mattress, and then spot cleaning it with a stain remover. After that, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on, which will remove any funky or stale smells. Make sure to vacuum once more to pick up any remaining baking soda.

Of course, you’ll also want to launder your bedding — because who doesn’t love a set of fresh sheets? We recommend doing this at least once a week, and if you typically lag a bit behind, spring is a great time to get into a more regular refresh cadence. You’ll rest easier, we promise!

To give your bedroom (or just about any room) an extra refresh, place an air purifier in the room to remove any impurities and encourage air circulation. We recommend the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool™ HEPA Air Purifier for any size room.

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